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Making head shots simple again for all Montreal professionals

Choosing how your head shot should look can seem complicated. I've seen dozens of different clients with different careers, from real estate agent, to naturopath, massage therapists, to a startup specializing in care for Alzheimer patient. There are many different paths to take and we can help you walk you through them.
Montreal Head Shots worked with multiple marketing departments and Human Resources - simply share your goal and we'll make sure your new profile picture will do exactly what you need it to do. 

My Work

Repeatable, reliable and relatable. 

(This is me on the left)

These are the qualities that most are looking for when investing in a service. You worked hard to get ahead and I'm here to help with that. When investing into head shots or portraits for you or your team, consistency is key - which I strive for by getting the most recent and best tools. You can measure performance. 

Photography is very number driven craft with artistic intent behind it. When you buy a head shot package from me, my photography work is a reflection of exacting details; from the lighting to the retouching. Nothing is left to hasard. 

I am a CPA in the technology industry, so I live in the corporate world everyday - I am also an entrepreneur - I founded 3 companies already! I know the struggles, I know the pains, I know the work it requires to get there. I got your back (well my head shots does).


I fell in photography by accident. Back in 2008, I started assisting a friend who needed help on a music videos. I fell in love with the craft of light and cameras. 

My friend successfully moved to Los Angeles and I was left by my own. That's when I picked up a camera and didn't think much of it for a few years, only casually taking photos. In 2015 in an effort to become better at photography, I bought a couple of lights and 5 years, countless head shots and photo shoots, 32,000+ Instagram followers - here we are!

I am also a proud dad - my little one is awesome.

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