Money Back Warranty

Although I make every effort to make my clients happy, sometimes, things just don't work out. If ever you cannot choose any of the head shot I made for you - your photo session will be immediately reimbursed plus you will get an additional 10% off any other purchase you will make in the next 12 months. 

My way of saying thank you for your original trust.

P.S.: No photos from the original session will be delivered.

OMG! I don't look like my photo anymore! Warranty

The hairdresser went wild on you? Don't worry! While I cannot fix your haircut (I'll probably make it worse), I can update your head shot 90 days after our session, entirely for free. 

This applies to men also (except for beards because that wouldn't be fair for the ladies). 

(maximum of one OMG! head shot package per client)

Job Loss Warranty

You bought a head shot package from me and you are currently out of work? Your next head shot session will be 50% off any package you select. I hope this discount and my images will get you back on the market!

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