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Your time is precious! Here are the most frequent questions I get about head shots. If this short guideline doesn't answer your question, please contact me here.

Classic Look

Solid colored background with variants of white, grey and black. 

Fits well everywhere!

Cinematic Look

In context photos with a cinematic blur. Photos are taken at your office or even outdoors if you'd like!

How to dress? Where do you see yourself in 2 years? 

That's the question you should ask yourself. I always recommend to my clients to dress like the people they want to work with and to which level of the company they want to be in two years. Head over to your dream job's company website and look for the team page. 

Is the next 2 years a C-level position for you - how does the C-level team look? Are they casual? Are they dress in a suit and tie? This should answer your question. 

If in doubt: 

1) A jacket and a shirt always work

2) A simple dress shirt also works great if you need more of a branding/personality driven photo.

3) Simple classic patterns will live longer as a photo. Heavy prints will date your photo which can make it obsolete quicker.

4) Dress codes are getting more and more casual - bring multiple outfits! You can always pick after the session is done.

Which photo package to pick?

White, Grey, Cinematic? Your first action should be to take a look at your companies marketing guidelines. Some companies enforce white backgrounds while other encourage a more "natural" looking image (see pictured). Here are some recommendations:

Grey: A great in between if you have a difficult time deciding. Grey is pleasing to the eye and give the impression of an executive, especially if you bring a pop of color in a tie or accessory.

White: Standard look, blends in with most web pages.

Colorful: YvensB and team can match your background color! Simply tell us and we can make it happen!   

Cinematic: The cream of the crop - your photos in context!  The cinematic portrait give the viewer a more impact view of who you are. Choices of background are limitless! 

Glasses or no glasses?

Wondering if you should wear your eye wear? I wrote an article on the subject - head there! 

If you are worried that eye wear will make my job more complicated, do not worry - I am a lighting expert!

In a nutshell: If you wear your glasses everyday, perhaps it is a good idea to wear them!

How long does the head shot session last?

A classic head shot session takes less than 30 minutes and can be shorter if required. The cinematic package takes longer - approximately 1 hour.

How long does it take to get the photos?

After the session, you will receive a link to a gallery where you will get a chance to review the photos we took and pick from there. Photos are usually delivered 2 business days after the selection. There is a possibility of 24 hour delivery (fees will apply).

If you took part of our head shot days, since I personally retouch every single photo, delivery may be up to 2 weeks - depending on the current back log. 24 hours delivery is possible (additional fees will apply).

Studio and wherever you need!

My portrait studio is located in Montreal, in the beautiful  Saint-Henri neighborhood. But if you are pressed for time, we can move to your location!  

We can bring the studio to you! 

Google Maps direction here

4035 St Ambroise St #215, Montreal, Quebec H4C 2E1

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