Are you ready? Cover Stories from LinkedIn are changing headshots

LinkedIn’s cover Story is the new Head Shot

This new feature from LinkedIn is one of the most interesting features to be released in the last couple of years - the 30 seconds video resume from LinkedIn. This new product will shake up the head shot landscape and get you hired FASTER. Read until the end for a special offer.

One fresh spring morning, I received a link from my friend Alex , a business consultant and Agile expert, about a new feature that appeared on his LinkedIn Profile.  Alex, always being a first adopter of anything, immediately jumped on the occasion and asked my opinion on the matter. 

Tell me…what is exactly a LinkedIn cover story?

Released in March 2021, the cover story is a 30 second vertical video of you, explaining who you are and what you do. It opens a lot of possibilities to express who you are to potential leads and hiring managers. On top of making sure you have a great headshot (you can book your appointment here), the cover story will be a great supplement to send a great elevator pitch that will create an impact and get you your next job or contract.

What I learned in making a cover story

Because it was my first cover story, I spent a lot of time with Alex prepping his script and how the video will look.

There are a few things that I learned while creating this for him:

  • It’s not a resume: Let’s be clear here, the cover story is a pitch. Listing your jobs and that you are available sends the wrong message.  
  • First Look: An orange circle will appear on your profile picture. When you have a visitor, the video will automatically start playing a 3 seconds preview of it.
  • Mobile first : from the design of the feature, this seems to be designed for mobile first .
  • Learn how to build an elevator pitch: The typical elevator pitch is like sending a tweet. You should be able to describe who you are in a concise and fun manner. Try to focus on the core of the value you can bring and explain how working with you will bring to your client or future manager.
  • 30 seconds is short: The video limit is currently 30 seconds. Some platforms are flexible and will allow 31 seconds but not LinkedIn. We tried to upload a 30.2 seconds video and it was rejected. Being concise in preparing your script is critical here. 
  • TIP - this video is the first time people will hear you speak: rehearse a couple of times and don’t be scared to have a few takes - if movie directors take 10-30 times the same shot - you have permission to do the same. If you book your cover stories, we have solutions to help read your pitch naturally.
  • Can you help me make a cover story?

    Absolutely yes! I am now offering this service to my clients as part of a better branding. 

    We are calling it “Portrait Story”.  

     Our “Portrait Story” service will have the following services available: 

    • Script consulting 
    • Concept consulting
    • Studio Session
    • On location recording session
    • Professional sound capture
    • Subtitles
    • Turnkey portrait story production (organizing everything)
    • And much more!

    Watch an example of a “Portrait Story” - 30 seconds long 

    This video was shot, edited and realized by Yvens B. It features Alexandre Beaudry, MBA.

    You made it up to here - good!  Because we are launching this, we got a special offer - save big by behind the first to get your cover story done by us - just mention BLOG and we will discount the price by 33% !!! This is limited to the first 10 portrait stories we will do.

    Got more questions or ready to book? Contact us below to schedule a 5 minutes phone call and be the first of your network to take advantage of this absolutely amazing feature! 

    Talk to you soon


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