Make your website more consistent

A unified team look  

I had the recent pleasure of updating the head shots for SINA Construction - a commercial construction company right at their Montreal office. They mandated me to update their website portraits for their founders aka partners.

I like the results! This made me think of a problem I see often.

Since I am human (last I checked) and take a lot of head shots, my first reflex when I visit a corporate website is always to head to the ”About” section and take a look at the teams portrait. In this current pandemic and increasingly virtualized world, putting  a face on a voice is key. But something I see often needs to be discussed - and solved.

2 ways to Fix inconsistent Team Head Shots

I’m shocked to see that not all companies have a consistant look for their board of directors or key management employees.  Nothing says - we are organized and coordinated like a series of photos that have the exact same look. It signals to your clients that, we can put our team together - even for ourselves 

Now there are two ways to solve this issue: 

1) The easy fix and the one I strongly recommend is to hire someone (like me) to take a new set of photos for your entire team. It can be done directly at your office - I literally bring a small studio to you or use the environment or whatever your brand requires.

2) Now, while we are planning your team’s head shot session (thank you 🙏)- my second recommendation would be to have a portrait of the person in Black and White on your main page. As soon as you hover your mouse over the person, a color would appear. This makes the overall ‘look’ of the website much more consistent. 

Here’s an example below from clients for whom I’ve done their team’s portraits.

As you can see, by this simple action, we’re tricking the brain to think that the photos are consistent. The person taking care of your website should be able to program this very quickly.  The next step is of course contacting me to get your team looking sharp with some meticulously prepared portraits. 

I hope this was a useful! 

If you have any question, please don’t hesitate to reach out  and schedule an appointment. In this day and age of virtual everything, a professional image is more important than ever!

Talk soon,

YvensB, head shot and portrait photographer

How to start a photographyblog

Find your perfect photography niche

If you run a quick Google search on how to start a blog, “find your perfect niche” is the first thing recommendation that is given. Well, this is in tone with this brand new head shot website. 

For the last 4 years, I had quite the adventurous career with my first website It was a place to hold ALL of my work, all my memories and a photo journal of some sort. It was good. But as time revealed, not the best strategy to reach clients. 

I had too many conflicting images, I was talking to too many crowds and not providing a clear message about my services. This translated into not providing the best client experience.

That was then this is now. This blog will be entirely dedicated to my headshot and portrait work. Simpler to navigate. Simpler to book. Simpler to communicate.

How much will this new blog cost?


All kidding aside, this blog will be meant for clients only. I will continue writing for photographers and publications. I never thought that writing would be part of my career but it has definitely been a great experience for me. Both as a growing photographer and as an educator. The pen sharpens the mind.

What can you expect from this Blog? 

I will be sharing all I know on practical advice on things like career, branding and being a better visual communicator. This will include guest experts and a lot of great content. In a world where we have restrictions on how we can meet, being better at sharing stories online will benefit your clients, colleagues, business partners and….most important you!

So on that, stay tuned and stay social! You can find me on Instagram where I share many of my daily activities.

Talk soon and stay safe,


Montreal head shot and portrait photographer

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